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Digital Media/ Interactive Displays

It’s no secret, new technologies such as touchscreens, interactive displays, digital signage, tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices are changing the way we shop, communicate and interact with one another. Digital media is no longer a nice-to-have messaging system but a must-have interactive sales, marketing  and presentation platform.

Digital Signage

Connect your message with your audience with eye-catching displays of all sizes that engage, amaze and drive results.

Consumer Displays

Cost-effective digital display solutions for infrequent use (less than 7-8 a day) with limited connectivity capabilities.

Professional Displays

LCD and LED Professional Displays provide immersive picture quality for an unparalleled visual experience. Professional grade displays are designed to withstand long operating hours with thermal characteristics built in the internal design for proper heat dissipation.

Commercial grade displays are designed specifically for compatibility with PCs and AV standards while consumer TV’s compatibility is geared more towards TV/video but will support PC usage to some extent.

Commercial grade displays are also far more easily integrated with remote controlled solutions via Ethernet connections. Users have the ability to implement remote network interfaces like Crestron room controls that are governed by remote access devices such as smartphones and tablets . Consumer TV’s do have the option but not at the same level and compatibility as commercial grade displays.

Interactive Displays

Interactive Displays bring your business operations to a new level of connectivity, making your communication more collaborative and conversational.

Digital Media / Interactive Displays

We offer everything you need to deliver rich, effective digital content to your audience.

Audio Conferencing

We recommend flexible and cost-efficient products that will enhance your productivity and connectivity. It is how we make you sound good today and in the future.

Video Conferencing

Your people and clients may be here, there and everywhere, but we can bring them all together.


AVIT Service will give you the right tools to create and publish great video content in minutes, stream it live, and make the smallest presentation look like network-style TV.