Logitech Rally Bar Conference Room Solutions

  • Superior Audio and Video
  • Flexible Deployment Options
  • Simple Setup and Cable Management
  • Easy to monitor, manage, and support

Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini

All-in-one video bar solutions for small to large rooms

Rally Bar

With a dual-camera system and RightSight 2 auto-framing technology, Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini welcomes remote participants to the conversation. Choose Grid View to eliminate empty space and frame each person in their own stream, Speaker View to highlight the active speaker, or Group View to capture everyone in the room.


An innovative dual-camera system with optical zoom and an AI Viewfinder delivers fluid, cinematic video in small and medium rooms.


Rally Bar Mini’s advanced audio engineering delivers rich, natural sound and makes sure every voice is clearly heard.

AI Sound Optimization

Auto-level loud and soft voices – while suppressing unwanted noise – with AI-based RightSound technology that improves over time.

Adaptive Beamforming

Focus on the active talker with high-precision beamforming mics.

Easily accommodate larger spaces with Rally Mic Pods. Out of the box, Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini has a pickup range up to 23 ft (7 m), which you can significantly extend by adding up to three Mic Pods.


Start your meeting with just one touch, seamlessly connecting Rally Bar Mini to your preconfigured room solution