Audio Visual System in Houses of Worship

AV Solutions for your House of Worship

Houses of worship can range from small spaces to much larger venues accommodating a wide range of crowds and activities.  As you would expect, the complexity and needs of the AV system grow accordingly.

COVID-19 and social distancing added another set of challenges to reaching and engaging your community.

Our engineers have been working with the religious community for over 20 years, and have learned a lot along the way. We have dedicated ourselves to the needs of the congregation, and have the experience and expertise to advise and guide you. We know the technology, and we are here to help you.

We understand what your music director wants, what your band plays, how your pastor preaches and what your congregation needs.

Live production for house of worship

Live Stream worship

Social distancing and stay at home orders are not stopping pastors from reaching millions of households at one time. At AVIT Service, we’re here to help you navigate these changing times and enable you to continue offering immersive church services. Your live stream can be as simple or as complex as you wish. Through a static image or a multi-camera live production, we will help you to reach out and expand your congregation via live streaming.

PTZ Cameras

When your community can’t attend in person, we provide the ability to deliver a clear image for virtual attendance or to broadcast to an overflow fellowship hall as you continue to practice social distancing. We will guide you to the best PTZ camera fit for you space, infrastructure and budget.

Let your message be heard

Audio systems for house of worship applications have evolved from simple speech reinforcement to full concert quality multi-media systems. They run the gamut from the most traditional services to the most contemporary services and nearly every combination in between.

As the world of digital mixing and processing advances, the options available to houses of worship running complex services and performances expands. The industry has moved past running bulky analog cables for every instrument and moved to a single network cable allowing dozens of connections from instruments at the pulpit or on the chancel. Mixing is handled by intuitive digital consoles designed with ease-of-use at the forefront. Streamlining the entire process, nearly all digital consoles we sell can be expanded for iPad control, allowing the sound engineer to effectuate the perfect mix from any point in the room. Pair this with ultra-low interference digital wireless systems, and the configurations now available at lower price-points are innumerable.

Assistive Listening

Assistive Listening technology systems are designed to help individuals needing auditory assistance or language interpretation overcome background noise, reverberation and distance from the sound source.

Wireless FM systems are ideal for large-group listening scenarios to help individuals overcome background noise.  Induction loop systems readily transmit the spoken word directly to T-coil hearing aids.